Blonde hair colour to silver

Hi everyone I would like some help to know what the best products are from going level 8.13 to a medium silver /grey colour please. Would I have to bleach it lighter to do this or are there colours that you don’t need to bleach the hair to palest shade of blonde now? Any recommendations I would really appreciate. I use wella, L’Oréal mostly but I’m IMG_5966.JPG IMG_5965.JPG open to other brands. Thanks
This is the colour I’m trying to achieve. Thanks


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That’s JLC’s natural colour so you won’t replicate that with any grey tint.
Ok thanks . Which would be the best colour to use to get it grey / Silver? Thanks


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With most grey tints, you need to lift hair to a 10, tone out the yellow, then go back in with your target shade.
If you don’t do the middle step, the mauve grey tones end up neutralising the raw yellow bleached hair anyway and the remaining pigment leaves you with a wish washy colour as it’s effectively been diluted.

Also, use a demi or semi to re-colour after bleaching.

I like the Silver Pearl, Silver Smoke and Dark Shadows in the Guy Tang Mydentity range for silver greys. You can apply all 3 to create a multi-toned effect to replicate natural grey hair colour.
Thank you for all your help. X