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Feb 24, 2010
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I have heard that Lush Us are a good supplier and having looked at their website I am impressed with the different options regarding weight 0.5g, 0.8g & 1g strands. I don't usually offer blonde colours unless the client wants to use Bohyme Celeb Elite hair as I have found it is very good quality and stays smooth and tangle free for ages! What is Lush Us hair like on the blonde colours such as 613 & 22??

So far i have sound its not anywhere near the same quality and does not have the longevity of Celebrity Elite. Saying that when Celebrity Elite changed their 613 colour i found that lost its usual quality. Use 22 in CE now have just completed a removal that went over the 12 week mark, 16 weeks approx and amazing still in reasonable condition, first time wearer as well .Where as Lush us wouldn t go past the 12 week mark. having real teething problems with t5his. Some geeks swear by lush us but seems the blondes need extremly high maintenance x
Yes this is what I thought, i usually offer the CE range as a premium hair and was thinking of offering Lush Us as a, for want of a better word "lower" grade which i could do blonde in because at the moment I just daren't offer blonde in anything except CE incase it fails me. I've been qualfied a year or so now with a growing client base but still haven't been able to nail down a good supplier apart from CE of blonde colours.
Interesting. I can vouch for Lush Us in #4 and #2 as myself and a colleague have this in for ourselves regularly and I've worn mine through two fittings 6 months in all.
I haven't noticed any problems with my blonde clients but I do have them very well trained in

Hi clazaridis,

I was just wonder if you had any look with Lush Us blonde colours?

I completed my hair extension course a year ago and have been fitting extensions since. I haven't had any problems with the supplier I have used when I have fitted brown/black extension however when it comes to blondes I have had a real problem with shedding and I was wonder if this is why you tend not to fit blonde unless they are from Celebrity Elite?

Thanks for you help in advance :)
Why dont you try Tasha Jacks as she has a good grade of hair which is indian remy, if you give her a ring she will send you a price list.

I also got a price list from Jason Paul, I have never used this company but the hair does come highly recommended by a few people i know.
Thanks I'll take a look at these.
On the lush us front I fitted a set two weeks ago in a 613 & 16 mixed. I explained they may not last as long as 12 weeks to make sure she understood what she was buying in terms of quality compared to CE. I haven't heard anything from het yet so fingers crossed they're ok.....another client bought her own hair from halo in a 613 & 18 mix these lasted for 10 weeks.
Hiya, I would highly rate Halo hair. I have clients with Blonde and brown and both have lasted extremely well. I done my blonde clients 2nd maintenance (8wks) last week and her hair looks amazing, my brown client is on her 3rd maintenance (12wks) and again in fab condition.
Halo always have every colour in stock and all on next day delivery.
I used Lush-us when I first started doing hair extensions, and they had minimal stock which was so frustrating, also their blonde didnt last too well.
I use the micro-ring method so am limited on places to buy stick tipped hair, but my supplier is Halo and Im very happy xx
Yeah halo are very good on the times I've used them although I do find the strands quite fine so I found lush us great as they do 1g strands. I've only used lush us once though so I'm not sure on stock levels yet.
Another huge vote for Halo and the quality of the hair, the blondes last well and just as importantly they have the stock to supply you quickly with next day delivery. I have two clients who use white blonde 1001 and even this hair keeps it condition extremely well.
It's also a very good price. I've not used it much though as people seem to be going for my premium grade hair at the moment that I use.

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