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Aug 6, 2010
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Hey everyone , i am a hairdresser myself but i havent ever used Blondme before and my friend (who is also a hairdresser ) is highlighting my hair next week but we have a problem ...

Im naturally a base 5 but have used Goldwell 4N twice on my hair with the last application about 8 - 9 weeks ago , i have strand tested with Blondor Blue Bleach and 9% and it came up a quite nice color but i have heard alot of good things about Blondme so i am going to use this instead and tone over with Colour Fresh Silver , but my local wholesalers have both run out of 9% Blondme Developer :( only day i can get it done is tues and they are saying it wont be in by then , will it still give the same level of lift with other peroxide ? or does it have to be Blondme ??

cheers xxxx
We use Blondme products and the Bleach is fab !
The developer is more creamy than others and so resulting in lovely conditioned bleached hair, but i do know people have used the schwarzkopf igora royal peroxide and still had a good colour result.
Hope that is of some help to you
I use normal peroxide with it.
Thanks girls :) xxx

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