Body Shop at home rep....good/bad??


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Jun 10, 2010
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Hi there peeps,

I'm wanting to bump my money up and have seen the body shop at home wanting reps....abit like Avon.

Are any of you a rep or know any info etc.....?

Please tell me how it works, how much roughly you can make and if its enjoyable or your experience etc etc

Thank you x
i have not done one myself but have looked into it in the past but felt it wasnt for me, if your allowed to take along your business cards and gain some new clients for the services you already offer could be a great way of networking and gaining new clients.
Yeah im sure that wouldn't be a problem...x
Hi I did it years ago. That's how my interest in beauty etc developed.
It was ok but not easy. If you're good at selling then it can be quite profitable but for me I found it better as I moved up and became more of a manager.
Didn't get me wrong I absolutely loved it. I loved playing with all the products and make up and loved going into the IOM store to help out with makeovers. It was free help for the store and I got to promote the parties. I also found it a good idea to do letterbox drops of catalogues like Avon etc.
I did make some ok part time money and the conferences were excellent and the training is really good and very up to date. I do miss it and have often wondered about doing it again. Xx
I went to one a few weeks ago, the lady did mini manis on us which was nice. The products themselves are nice, I use their hemp handcream.

Good luck :d
Join Our Team – Liz Earle at Home Beauty Specialist

This is something i would seriously look at if i was on the look out for doing at home parties.I personally love liz earle products and its less accessable than bodyshop products.They are soon going to be doing make up as well.
I started just before christmas and had loads of interest although a lot of the items were out of stock and it didnt look very professional!! So i decided to give it up, its really good doing the parties though!!

Aww thanks guys....they have emailed me to say someone will give me a ring in the next few just going to go for it! :) well if any of you know anyone or doing it them selfs then tios please xxx

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