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Sep 20, 2007
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I haven't done a body wrap for about a year but since putting them on my chirstmas specials, have got my first booking, on Thursday morning!!!!

Now, I'm used to body brushing, exfoliation and body wrap, remove with warm mitts, then apply a refreshing toner/massage oil to complete the algae body wrap.

But, as my special offer, going to do just the body wrap, then do a facial.

So, wondered if anyone had any special moves, extra special bits to make it feel like you are not just applying the wrap.

Also, I;ve always applied the wrap to the back of the body, then turned the client over to do the front of the body, then wrap. But, remember its a bit of a faff, and awkward for the client as half the plastic sheet follows them and it sounds noisy too.


thought, I would sit the client up to apply the back, then lie them down, then apply the body wrap with the client lying flat. (I had this done for a Gerards chocolate wrap a few weeks ago). Does anyone else do this?

Then, going to remove with steamed mitts, have sewn some black fluffy flannels to make extra large mitts. So, how many mitts? Any suggestions for removal?

going to read over my notes, and am happy with the product that I use. I've also got access to a shower for the first time, I could get the client to shower the algae gel off, but part of the treatment is to remove most of it, but massage the remaining in.

Any advice, comments really appreciated. Ive got 24 hours to get my mojo together!!!!:rolleyes:
When we do wraps in the salon, we apply the body mask (algae/mud etc.) when they are led on thier back and get them to sit up to apply to the back, I start with the back first then apply downward finishing with legs.

I personally find it easier to remove scrubs in the shower, I find that I can never get every single bit of scrub off with mitts and then the massage can sometimes feel like a second exfoliation! We also wrap the client in a heated blanket once the body mask is on.

thanks for that.

Tomorrow I won't be exfoliating , just applying the wrap, BIKWYM about the exfoliation. I will give them the shower option if they go for the full body wrap.
thanks for that.

Tomorrow I won't be exfoliating , just applying the wrap, BIKWYM about the exfoliation. I will give them the shower option if they go for the full body wrap.

I use wet hot towels in the body treatments. Whenever you have to remove salt scrubs or the masks, I use hot towels lie them on the client and then start removing them one by one as with working the product off. I then use a dry towel immediately after wards so they dont feel chilled, and then cover the area after drying.

It is continual touch that makes the client sink deeper into tranquility.
I have used this method for many many years.
thanks abby,
yes, its important to prevent the client from becoming chilled.

I used to put a fan heater on full blast for when the wrap was removed.
When doing a body wrap i apply product to the back first with the client sitting up,lie them down on to the foil so product on the back goes straight on to the foil.Apply to one side of the torso,wrap over foil.Bend leg on the same side as the torso youve just applied to.Sweep product over entire leg,straighten leg and wrap.Repeat on the other side of the body.Then cover with towels,blankets or duvet.
I would have four pairs of mitts to remove.Use one pair for each leg and one for torso and one for back.Uncover one leg remove and cover with towel ( if you press the towel on to the skin rather than just covering the area it feel much nicer and warmer)Repeat on other leg.Make sure youve rolled the foil up to bum level and then uncover the torso and remove and cover with a towel.Sit the client up and remove from back,pulling the foil off and away from the couch.Client can then lie back down on to a clean towel.
If youve got a heated blanket on your couch client often stays warmer too.
Hope this makes sense....good luck xx
thanks kerry, thats fab!

do you use the plastic sheeting too?
I usually use the foil with a plastic sheet on, with lots of towels underneath.

the bed has an electric blanket so will keep them warm.

thanks, thats brill, just what I wanted to know.
spent ages this morning setting up, put my big mitts in cabi, put 2 bottles of algae body wrap gel in too.
spent ages arranging the towels so that they looked attractive.
put a blanket on the radiator to warm.
the bed was nice and cosy as the blanket was on.

10am came and went, 10.05am went by...
popped downstairs to ask if the client (who works in the HD) had rang to say she was going to be late? She cancelled the day before AND I hadn't checked the appointment book!!!!!
Oh no!!!How dissapointing for you....i bet you were looking forward to it weren't you.Oh well im sure it won't be long until you get another one booked in.
Is the client going to come in another time atall??
hi Kerry,
yes think she will as she works in the hairdressers downstairs, but has just moved house so she's got her hands full at the moment.

got samples for chocolate decadence from vani-t today, so asked the hairdressers to be a guinea pig for a chocolate wrap, the products look and smell lush!

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