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Apr 11, 2012
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colwyn bay
Hi, I am thinking of introducing body wraps to my salon. allot of my clients are asking for a weight loss / inch loss body wrap. Can anyone recommend one?
Hi i use one called Quickslim which i get from ellisons and i must have been using it for around 15years. i like it to use as its a gel which you warm, apply to the area then apply a dry bandage and you get results and your skins feels lovely after - only temporary of course but good for pre holiday or wedding. Iv tried others with a cling wrap didnt work or other gels which didnt smell nice and some you have to soak bandage in solution so soggy when applied that doesn't appeal, so i always revert back to the old faithful.
You buy a kit which includes the bandages but you need more than one set of bandages to do a full body. Its always been popular but as much with the current climate (financial) but its good to be able to do special offers cos you can do a facial while they are wrapped for an hour)
maybe you could try one in a near by salon to see what you think.
Thank you for your advise i will have a look on Ellisons website. Have you ever tried universal contour wrap?
hi no i haven't tried universal cos i don't like the idea of soaking the bandages and applying wet .

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