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Jul 14, 2010
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I am a "newy" to salon Geek, but have already found it really useful. I have been a beauty/nail tech for manyyyyyyyyyyy years... and I have decided to add gels to my portfilio of treatments. I am still unsure which one to take on, but I have read recently on this forum about a bonder that helps to seal the free edge, and reduces any chipping, as this seems the be the only negative point.
Can anybody help me with the correct product I need to buy.
Thank you all
I'm not sure what you are reading when you say that you read here about a bonder to seal the f/e. I must not have read that one, but I have doing gels for years and do not apply anything special to "seal" the f/e. Are you sure read it as it pertains to traditional gels, soak off gels or "gel polishes"? Really the only thing I can think of as far as any of them go is we basically run the product over the edge of the f/e during application to a) reduce shrinkage, b) make the appearance better from the "down the barrel view".
Really the only thing I can think of to reduce chipping is; a) proper prep, b)proper application, c) not use your nails like tools.
Hope that I have helped as far as that goes and as far as product is concerned, it is really a personal choice as "it is not what product is best, it is what product works best for you"! You really need to invest in a couple of trial kits that are not too proprietary to try out to see where you want to go next.
Thank you so much for your reply. I totally agree re kits, the problem I have found is that all the companies want you to do their training course first before allowing you to purchase any products,which as you know is expensive! so I am really finding it hard to find trial kits that I can play with before making that decision. I have spent many hours trawling through Salon Geek and think I have finally made up my mind, re which product to buy, and can actually order it direct so no formal training, but they do have a PDF training manual online which is great.
Thanks re the info about the "bonder" yes, maybe I read the info incorrectly.
Thank you for your time in replying, it is much appreciated.
No problem--that is what we are here for!

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