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Nails At The Hat Hire Company

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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
hi does anybody have any good reading material they can recommend. i have the usual art & science of nail technology and beauty therapy books but looking for something good and although i know i can order from bookshops - they know nothing about nails and it would be good if someone had a really good reading reference they could let me have the name of.

Nothing beats 'Nail Structure & Product Chemistry by Doug Schoon. In it you will find all the answers to all the mysteries you ever had!

There was a thread sometime ago on books and there are lots of reccommendations there and also a few 'don't buy sufggestions too. Perhaps the Geek will post the link to it.

I was just looking through the old messages and found this thread. Is this the link you refered to geeg?

Hope its some help
The Encyclopedia of nails I found to be a good read, Dougs book is next on my list
thanks all just gonna look on amazon and see if i can order the encyclopedia and doug schoons book
thanks for all your help much 'preciated
I would absolutely recommend the Encylopedia of Nails.....I have received my copy recently via Amazon at a really competitive price!
I think it contains most of whatever you need to know!
I cant stop reading it!
Luv n hugz
Jak x
right Guys and Gals,
Here is my reading list...................

The Complete Nail Technician Marie Newman (a bit old info but some bits are still usefull)
Nail Structure and product chemistry by Doug Schoon ( a must)
Encyclopedia of Nails by Jackie Jefford and Anne Swain ( great reference book)
For Airbrushing Airbrushing for Nails by Elizabeth Anthony
The Nails Mags are great too, NailsPro Europe, Scratch, Nails aso
love Ruth xxx
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