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Jan 23, 2011
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Hi All

I own a hair and beauty salon and have been approached by a lady looking to rent a room to do botox / fillers etc...

What I want to know is where do I stand on insurance etc... She has provided a copy of her training certificate and proven she is a nurse but I really don't know what questions I should be asking.

Any / all help very much appreciated.


I'd ask to see (and take a copy) of her insurance certificate and also call your insurers.

Good luck!
Hi, you can double check her nursing qualification by looking up her registration with the nmc, you could also check with the trainers if you wanted to be certain. The important thing for you is that she/he is a prescriber as otherwise she would need a remote prescriber which is against recommendations. Additionally insurance is essential. You may want to see evidence of work also as in before and afters. Hope this helps
Hi thank you for your replies, She has already told us that she is NOT a prescriber and would have to get a doctor out to do the initial consultation, who would make the prescription for her. Does this sound right?
Hi Anyone else got any input, all info very much appreciated.

Thank you
The main hindrance of a non prescriber is that there is a delay between the first consultation and the treatment whilst they coordinate stock. Plus the question arises as to regards what the benefit is when the Dr doing the prescribing could do the treatment.
So do you think it would be easier to find a prescriber to do everything?
I've spoken to the lady again today who is now talking about getting a remote prescriber due to the doctor wanting a minimum of 10 clients @ £50 for each prescription, this to me sounds very complicated and possibly not the image I want to give in our salon.

If so does anybody know how to go about doing this in the westlancs/merseyside area?
Nurses administering botox and fillers from a remote prescription are going against all the regulations.

I wouldn't risk having a nurse admitting she is using a remote prescribing service in your business.

Look for a nurse prescriber or doctor instead! They can manage all their clients from start to finish without any phonecalls and faxed prescriptions etc from third parties!

Where are you based?
Definitely do not go down the remote route. This would be against regulations, as has been said, and really it is not very professional. Look for a nurse prescriber or doctor.

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