Botox, Permanent Make-Up etc Evenings??


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May 8, 2006
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Dagenham Essex
I am renting a room within a hair salon and am looking into ways of bringing in new clients and really putting the shop on the map if you know what I mean.

Anyway I was thinking about having as the title says, Botox evenings or Permanent Make-Up evenings. I do not offer either of these services so would be looking for someone to come in. Basically my thought is, they set up in my room on a particular night with say a drop in information time and also have pre arranged bookings.
I think that this would then advertise my room, bring more people in and raise the profile of the salon.
All your thoughts negative & positive would be greatly appreciated.
Do you run similar services monthly/weekly etc
Did you see an increase in your normal trade?
How did you find a reputable good therapist with correct qualifications?
Who paid for the advertising?
Should I expect commission if a certain number of clients receive treatments??

I also have loads of other questions so will be constantly checking my thread.

Thanks for any info/advice!

Just PM'd you. xxxxx

I havent ever done these evenings but i am in the same situation as you (renting a room.)

Some of my reps have said they will come and speak at evenings like this. Maybe you could ask some reps for your companies to come as well so your promoting your services as well.

Botox I imgaine would be popular - as your hitting the wealthy middle aged women who are willing to spend their spare cash on looking good. However make sure it doesnt contradict anything you do - ie. if your very natural organic etc.

Do your own research into the person. Ask them if you can contact clients they have done. Ask for certicifcates. Ring the body that regulates the particular practice and check that the qualifications and the place they trainied are up to scratch.

With regards to payment. As it will be a form of cheap but brilliant advertising for you maybe just ask for a small percentage of any clients they practicioner does. You have to look at this as an advertising night. You never know it could become a regular thing and then you can look at turning it into a money making scheme.

Dont forget to offer an incentive (not discount as gigi says) for those who turn up.

Maybe you could look into making more of an ''evening'' for example diamond night, all very bling and sparkly cos it all fits in with the botoxy thing! just an idea!

Becki xxx
Thanks Bexi for your reply, there was some great advice.

I have spoken to a couple of geeks who offer the permanent make-up and its looking promising.

Im just wondering whether there are any other geeks out there, that offer similar services from other professions. i.e Botox Dr. coming into salon once a month or something? Does it work? Did it raise the profile of the salon? Did it bring in new clientele? Was it aggro? If people were unhappy in any way, did they come to you moaning???

Just bumping this up again really - it would be great to hear from more geeks!



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