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Tess Warwick

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Mar 18, 2010
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Hi Geeks,

I've just bought this product in and have advertised it on an A-board outside the salon as 'Brazilian Blow Dry'.
I have to say that it's a pretty unknown treatment around here and people don't have a clue what it is. They come in to ask and giggle a lot because they think it's something to do with waxing :)eek: imagine ....!!!).
Anyone got any self explanatory hook lines? We tried Brazilian Keratin Straightening Treatment but that really confused 'em.
How does everyone else advertise it?
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One that i saw from an article and liked was, " the semi permenant blowdry, a good hair day everyday"
12 week blowdry . Oh and i have seen everlasting blowdry too !!!
I reckon it's got to include the word "Brazilian" as that's what everyone is talking about. Besides, if people come in giggling, at least they're IN!.
What about Brazilian smoothing treatment? Or Brazilian hair straightening?
And then subtitle it with 12 week blow dry or something of that ilk? Those seem to be the buzzwords floating about and its what the clients have heard about.
We have had threads on this before and calling this process 'Straightening' was deemed to be bad marketing!
Clients expect it to be bone straight so please dont use the word straightening in your pitch... or you will live to regret it.
Try smoothing, taming anything like that !!!
Sounds about right to me Luce:)
I market it as a smoother, de-frizzer, de-volumiser and a time saving system, and I really now emphasis that is NOT a straightener, but say in some cases it might. I also explain that as it isn't a chemical treatment I have no power to change how it takes on each head of hair. I probably play it down to much, but then at least everyone's happy, and since I've changed my product so far evryone has been, touch wood(my head!!):lol:
in the states there was a big thing about this brand making stylist sick i guess it has formaldahyde in it. i dont use it jus thought i would let you know..i guess you could just check the ingredence

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