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Mar 30, 2006
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hi there,

i will be setting up a table at a local bridal fair in a few weeks.

i am a makeup & gel nail artist and will be doing demo's of both throughout the day.

do you guys have any ideas on what i could add as an extra besides business cards, price lists ect??????

look forward to hearing some suggestions.

maybe give discount if they book on the day with a deposit.
or offer dicount on group bookings. have you got any pictures of
work that you have done? i know at wedding fairs people
normally have a book for people to look through of work
they have done. just an idea
hope it goes well for you.
I have been to two the last two weeks with my sis,deffo a portfolio,deffo a retail all lip products as the bride will want to touch up through out the day and deffo take a diary for 08 and 09,or even a printed diary.

Be willing to take bookings for these times and take a deposit

Imo these are the things that let the exhibitors down

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