Brisa Gel French overlay? Not a video. How is it done


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Holly Byers

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Nov 25, 2010
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Hello all you lovely geeks! Sorry to ask such a question but there was no video on cnd of a French overlay?
Below is how I have done it.

The way I have done them in French tip sculpture first on 2-3 nails
Cure for 10 seconds.
Carry on till all are done. Cure 2mins.
Then pink gel with same process.
Sometimes I have to go back and do a clear on top to get the arch.
Buff again.
Then top coat.

Now is this right or should I do a clear first? As a one layer over the whole nail.

As worried for lifting?

Thank you so very much for reading and helping me

That is a bit of a scetchy description. :confused:

Apply your bonder and cure for 10 secs

You can then go straight in to applying your builder layer without first applying a thin coat of clear. However if you still wish to take the extra time to apply a first thin coat you can but it is not necessary for good adhesion if that is what you are worried about .

You can build the nail with as many subsequent coats as you like but normally you only need to do what you need to do to get the structure and shape you want.! :biggrin:

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