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Sep 16, 2003
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barnsley, south yorks
hi everyone,
as any one done a brisa toe overlay, the thing is i was wondering if you use toe seperaters or not, i have done my own,they look really nice i am so pleased with the result, i even put some diamontes on big toes wasn't sure is was gonna work but it did and looks great. but i did find it a little tricky and was wondering how any of you did it,this is what i did am i doing right,
just i read a previous thread and i seem to being doing more layers any advice would be great, thankyou
thin layer of gel.cure for 2mins
then i do second layer of gel lock for 10secs then cure for 2mins.
apply a thin layer to perfect the shape cure for 2 mins
shape and define
apply white gel paint cure 2mins
apply thin layer to perfect shape cure for 2mins
shape and define
apply thin coat of uv finishing gloss.
I've done about 20 sets of toes and they seem to be lasting 3/4 weeks - but I don't do as many layers as you....

1) Liquid Bond
2) Thin base coat (clear or pink)
3) White gel paint
4) Slightly thicker over lay coat of clear or pink
5) Shape and buff with boomerang buffer
6) UV top

Takes about 45 mins for both feet - £20 :green:

HTH :green:
you beauty,
thought i wasn't gonna get a reply and doing 2 sets tommorrow, thanks so much for that.

although mine look nice i don't think theres a need for all the layers,
sorry to bother you again but do you use toe seperaters or not i'm thinking it might be a prob with the lamp.

jan x
I do it this way:
I use a desk towel rolled like a sausage.......... Some clients do not like the toe seperators.................I dont either I get cramp lol...........
  1. Liquid Bond (2 nails at the time)
    Thin base coat (pink) I love the pink
  2. White gel paint, 2 toes at the time and freeze set...........then on last toe cure for 2 mins.
  3. Slightly thicker over lay coat of clear , I like the crisp look....
  4. Shape and buff with boomerang buffer
  5. UV top cure for 2 mins.
  6. Then solar Oil
this seems so much better quicker than what i was doing, don't know what i was thinking, just love making work for myself.
so just to clarify.
liquid bond
thin layer of pink gel (cure for 2mins)
white gel paint (lock for 10 secs then cure all for 2mins)
thicker layer of clear gel (wipe off sticky)
shape and define
uv finishing gloss, solar oil.
sorry for being a pain in di but, just i wrote all above without looking at replies to test myself. was i right x
Thats it babe you got it xxxxx
And I love the Brisa on my toes, been on there since March.................Rebalanced 2x on got great looking toes all summer..................well what summer we are having xxxx
must say i am enjoying using it, i have never used gel before, and i am still l&p mad, but for toes think its easier to do. so i will start with toes and go from there, maybe start using on fingers when i've had more practice.
the process i was using was from the little booklet we get in our pack, so now i'm confused, how come there is so many layers in our training, i'm so sorry for being a burden just things don't sink in with me striaght away. would you still use the process i was on about for fingers, think i should have quit when i was ahead, getting my self in a tangle now,
the little booklet is for fingernails lol......hence the step of building apex and freeze set........then applying the white gel paint...........
For toes customise will reduce the working time by a little and building apex on the little piggy's is a bit tricky...........
Think of it more like permantent french polish rahter then a pink/white enhancement....

But for fingernails stick to the manual lol
by golly i've got it, toes don't need the apex building as such, no pressure on em, (no extension)

thank you so muchly, i can sleep like a bug in a rug now.

thanks jan x

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