Brisa Removal - urgent help required - client in at 2-30!


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Sep 9, 2009
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North Wales
Hi there!

I have searched for the answer to my query, but haven't quite found what I was looking for.

I am new to Brisa (and to gel in general) - so please excuse if I sound a little thick!

I did a full set of Brisa on Saturday, and my client called yesterday to say that she has knocked the side of her thumb, and as she is going away tomorrow she would like it looking at. It also had Shellac on it too. She says it's not just chipped - the corned of the thumb nail has come off completely - Brisa and Shellac. Obviously I haven't seen it yet so will be interested to see how she has managed that!

Anyway - as I'm not confident in using a form or anything like that I'm thinking that the easiest thing would be for me to completely remove the thumb nail enhancement and do a new one. I was told in training that you can file off the bulk of the product and then soak the thin layer remaining - but in this case can I just file off the whole thing? Maybe using a 180 then switching to a 240 when I get close to the natural nail? Then am I then ok to just do a new nail from scratch?

Thanks guys x
You can file it all down with a 180 grit file and as you are applying a new nail on right away just leave a thin layer of gel on the nail making sure everything is flush and apply the new nail.

So am I ok to leave a thin layer of gel even though I'll be applying a new tip? Or will the free edge need to be completely free of product? And do I need to 'scrub' the layer of clear in again etc? Or go straight in with the pink?

Another thought - would you guys charge for this repair? I have in my T&C that any repairs after 3 days are £3.50 per nail, but as I've never done a repair I was just going to play this policy by ear! x
As it is after the 3 days and it has been the client who broke her nail then of course charge her for the repair.
Seriously do none of your other clients ever break a nail?

To be honest you are stressing out here over a simple chill!!! :)

Basically you are removing the bulk of the gel with a 180 fact you can use your 240 grit to carefully remove all the product and start from scratch all over again if you want to....but missing that bit out would save you time and there is no problem sticking a tip onto a thin layer of product.
You would be able to gauge yourself whether you need to scrub the clear in again as there may be a large portion of natural nail exposed anyway depending on how large this chip is. ;) she broke it putting her seatbelt on, thats the usual with thumbs!!
The thing is both you and your client will want to do this repair in as little time as possible...especially if you only charge £3.50. was her nail when she arrived and what did you end up doing?

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