brisa white tip gel paint over acrylic


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Aug 21, 2007
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Worksop, Notts
I have just been looking at different gels ( being nosey) & i have just been wondering, if you can use the brisa white tip paint ontop of acrylic. I love the white tip paint instead of the white gel. I think it looks smarter & tidier & so easy to use. It is just a query really as an option. I know it would also be a lot of messing about, having to get the uv light out as well as all the acrylic items. Some clients say it looks like i am setting up to operate on them when i come to do their nails ( giggle giggle ). So has anyone tried this option & what was the outcome. Good or bad.
You can use it over L+P, you need to finish the overlay with a 180 grit abrasive to enable the white gel to adhere, then after that apply the finishing gloss (no wiping of the inhibition layer in between both gel applications).
I would recommend taking the Brisa conversion course, you get the kit and lamp with the price of the course and you'll know exactly how you can use it (that's how it was offered previously).
Give Sweet Squared a ring on Monday to ask their advice... 0845 210 60 60
Thanks, i might do just that. Nice thought. Definately might look into that.
As a less expensive alternative to the one mentioned above you can also use white nail polish with a thin coat of gel over the top in the same way as described above.
On clients who have to have a natural looking enhancement (ie - no white tip as a rule) either out of chioce or because of their work, if they are on holiday & fancy a permanent french (one that won't smudge [they can leave the salon once the inhibition layer is removed from the gel] or chip [unless they are digging up spuds with their bare hands!] till their next maintenance} - this is the method I use - refine your acrylic nails on one hand as ususal, paint (I use Orly "White Tips" polish) your french , this polish has time to dry whilst you refine acrylic on the second hand & then again paint on the french. Once you have finished with the second hand the white tips on the first hand should be dry (they need to be or the gel you apply over the top will not set properly) Apply a thin coat of gel over the whole nail not forgetting to cap the free edge & cure (I use IBD clear gel) , repeat on the second hand & voila! - a client who fancies the occasional french can waltz out of the salon as soonas it's cured, no drying time. This takes approx 10 min tops (inc curing time) & seems to be the treatment of choice for the clients who just can't bear [&often do not have the time] to wait for their polish to dry!
What a great idea. I have never thought of this. I am glad i asked this question as i now know there is a way to do the tip differently f i want too. I am gonna have a practice with this over ther weekend. What fun i am gonna have. Thanks peeps.

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