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Apr 21, 2003
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Hi all!!!
Just a bit of advice please, i have a client who would like extensions but about 2 months ago broke her thumb, it is now on the mend, but i would like our proffessional opinions before i (or if i)carry out the treatment. i am sure i have covered this in my training at collage but the moment i am getting my portfolio together and cant seem to find anything!!!

Any help gratefully received,

Lou xxx :D
Well love,
Does the thumb hurt her when she moves it ????
Is she still in plaster???
I had a client with a broke thumb and after 2+ month's and very carefull handling did extensions on her.
She got Dr's note to say it was ok to do it, so as long as i didn't twist the thumb like mad, whilst moving it about , it would be ok.
A possible contra indication but she had the note, with the ok from the doctors. So I did it and she was fine. Just took me longer thats all
But like all things, if you are in doubt leave it out !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Ruth xxx
As far as i'm aware bones take about 6-8 weeks to repair, but can vary so don't quote me, so the application would depend on how tender your clients injury still is. If she's still in a bit of discomfort i would tread carefully, especially with the file. Ask her to tell you if she feels any discomfort if so then stop, explain that she will need to tell you and proceed with your application i've never known the application of nails to be painful so i don't see it hurting her to that extent but again if you explain to her then i don't see a problem, also be careful of how you hold the finger, try resting it on your hand rather than holding the finger as you would the other fingers when filing and buffing, if you can apply something like Perma gloss or faze 2 top coat as this will reduce the buffing and file usage
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