Brow lamination


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What are peoples thoughts on this? I personally think it looks un natural. But saying that iv seen a few pictures that look amazing. Do you think it's a trend that will grow out fast? Or one that is going to get very popular? I'm in 2 minds wheather to train or not. I'm pregnant at the mo and not got to much money going spare so domt want to waste it training in something that no one wants . How much are people charging and how long does it take?


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This is a trend everyone is talking about! I would say it will griw eventually as it is best fight against unruly hairs


I think it’s really popular at the minute but personally think it’s a fad. I think popularity will die down. Do you offer lash lifting? That’s also popular and I think anything to do with lashes is here to stay x


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Yes, I'm really busy with lash lifts. I'm thinking I wouldn't be that busy with brow lamination. I was against training to do henna brows but now I'm thinking of giving that a go.


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It’s not a look I’m a fan off tbh and my concern is knowing the how lashes look when the new lash growth comes through after a lash lift how will the brows look?
It certainly seems to be very popular so might be worthwhile in the short term but it’s not a look most clients will want but may attract new clientele.

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I’m not keen on it. I have considered it but just like Instagram makeup, it’s faddy and not something I would want on my face everyday, to go to work and the gym looking a bit odd.

Never say never though. I think if it sticks around I’m likely to give it a go. I’m about to move location so maybe to drum up more business after the initial new start..


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I don't like the straight up look but when done properly and in a natural shape then it's an amazing treatment :)


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I'm really not a fan of this trend- this trend was first introduced as brow straightening by thuya back in like 2000 i think in line with lash perming. New name lamination lol. The natural look is nice but these girls are having upright bushy bear brows. Why would you want this look?! It just doesnt look right- its like you put gel all over your brows and brushed it in place- anybody remember lisa stansfield curly wurly sideburns??---that was a look! I'm not going to offer it- i think it looks horrendous- especially the ones advertised by hd brows and the insta bloggers. Few salons around me are going to offer it soon- good luck to them! xoxo