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Sep 20, 2013
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Hi everyone,

I've been reading Salon Geek for ages and this is my first post, so go easy on me! :)

I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good brow powder that I can use on clients but also retail.

I've done a bit of research already but the many options are confusing me so thought I'd ask on here what everyone prefers.

I will buy a few to try but just wanted some help narrowing down the looooonnngg list of powders available!

Body shops is amazing and I use a mac brush
BDB (Billion Dollar Brows) brow powder lasts well and Hi Brow powders are very good, depends on outlay and your skills to retail it to make your money back, personally I prefer a pro brand compared to shop bought as I customise my brow treatment to meet the clients expectations, but each to their own :) xx
HD Brows all the way there's 3 palettes bombshell for blondes, foxy for brunette and vamp for dark each has 4 powders in a light highlighter, a black and a cool and warm shade to enable you to mix and adapt your perfect shade.

And it really does stay on for 24 hours I actually have one client who only does her brow make up every 3 days apparently she just cleanses around the brow area so the powder stays on. Obviously I do not recommend this lol x
Just seen you also want to retail brow palettes obviously you'd need to be hd brow trained to do this. If you don't fancy training in hd brows then a lot of geeks recommend christian brow palettes although I've not tried them myself. If you do a search I'm sure there's a few threads on this subject which will help you xxx
Thank you both for taking the time to reply. It is a professional product that I'm looking for as so opposed to shop bought but I can always try it for my personal collection. :)

I'll look into those pro ones now. I'm a reasonable sales person and as long as I start with a small stock or offer to order for my clients individually then it should be fine. Not looking to make a lot of money from the retail. Just want my clients to be able to maintain at home with quality products between treatments! :)
Hi Sarahrose.

It's not HD brows I'm offering and won't market it as such.

It's just a tint and wax with the option of brow powder to help maintain a more striking look once the tint wears off the skin.

I've checked with my insurers and I'm covered individually for tinting, waxing and make-up so they have no problem with me combining the three.

It's just an extra option I'd like to offer my clients! :)
Art Deco is really good. And can be applied straight after hair removal xx

Laura xx
Christian brows are good. They, as a powder implies, are not waxy, so you may need a clear gel or wax to keep stray hairs in place.
Lollidolli makes a good point you'll need to make sure whichever you choose is mineral make up so it can be applied straight after waxing. Good luck with your search xxx
I love the Anastasia brow powder duo and their pencils. They stay for such a long time.
Thank you all for your answers, I'm gonna spend some time looking at all of your suggestions!

And you're right Sarahrose, Lollidol makes a good point, I'll be sure to double check ingredients etc. :)
Artdeco is a High Street Retail brand.
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