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Aug 29, 2013
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Im looking to pick your brains a little bit in regards to brows. I currently do CND Shellac part time mobile, and am really enjoying it. I decided to add brow waxing/tinting to what I can offer, and I am going on a course with a local academy tomorrow, but want to know what is the best way to buy the kit.

I will obviously need a wax heater, but only a small one - I have read that Hive are the best ones, should I order the smallest one? I have also seen the Perron Rigot wax that looks good. What other things are recommended as your must use products pre and post wax? I also think I will shape them after and fill them in etc, what do you use for this? And what do you carry your kit around in, if you're mobile?

ANY tips or information would be helpful at this point!!

Thank you in advance!!xx
Eyebrows are my most popular treatment and I do a lot of
mobile threading, tinting, waxing and hi impact brows.
I have a small wax pot which has a little handle which is easy to carry,
I always have a pair of sharp brow scissors and a brow brush, as trimming
the clients eyebrows is what gives the well groomed look.
Cotton buds and vaseline is something I also carry to ensure you protect the clients
Skin around the eyebrows.

I tend to use the hi brow mineral powder to fill in the clients brows afer shaping.
You can get this at sallys, I have also used the hi brow tints which last
incredibly well!

I have only 1 of these brow powders as I was on a budget, and I have used it on all different
clients, some with light hair some with dark hair. In my opinion, you can get several
different shades out of one powder depending on how much you apply,
The way you apply and also the amount of pressure you apply,
(The harder you press the darker it comes out)

A hard small angled brush is the best brush to use when applying
the brow powder, this gives definition, (for customers who dont want
the powder to look too defined, just brush over the brows using a
cotton bud, which tones it down and softens the look)..

Hope that helps!:)


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