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Jun 7, 2007
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Delamere, UK
hi does anyone know where i can buy a box for storing my brushes. I never got one in my kit and i dont want to break my brushes for my acrylic. also can you stone gel and acrylic brushes together or is it not advised?????
i keep my brushes in a pencil case (its got tinkerbell on it natch ;)) with their lids on and i keep all my brushes together gel, l&p and design etc...


You can buy brush boxes from creative, they have 2 to choose from hth

I keep my acrylic brushes in a little black box which looks like a coffin from CND, they still have them in their catalogue so I should check with Sweet Squared.
I'm not a gel gal, but I know you don't clean your gel brushes but wipe them & store them wrapped in something, so I would say keep them away from your acrylic brushes incase they come into contact and get gel on the them.
It's a great box and it keeps your brushes laid flat.
I'll see if I can find a piccy.
thanks bev rose. how much was it approx .thanks
Less than £5 if I remember, I've been trying to find a pic of it or similar on the net but no joy.
It's takes my 2 pro-stylers & a small detailing acrylic brush & not much more tho!
But it's ok for me.
I have a pencil tin, as well as a travel toothbrush holder ... simple, effective, cheap.
great i will call them asap. thanks
I have a travel toothbrush box from Boots. Does the job perfectly!

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