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Nailsinlondon1 said:
................................................. :D "Basil" Brush boom boom. Ruth xxx

Absloutley FABULOUS - I love Basil and I adored him when I was little!! :thumbsup: :tongue:
I've had my current brush for just over a year I guess. She's a beauty from Japan....cost me a mint. But she's worth every penny. :thumbsup: No name though....

Come to think of it, most of my brushes earn their names on the way out the door...."Piece O' Sh...." I'm sure you can figure out the rest.

Actually, I've had most of my brushes for at least 3 years if not longer. the only reason I have changed them is because of changing AC systems. I know I have some around that are over 5.
I call my brush....."BRUSH" ;)

I replace it a couple times a year seems like...could be less...maybe every 9 months.

Of course I got 4 new brushes last year...because I was desperately trying to figure out my *pocket lifting* problem. ....sssshhhhh..... You have to say that very quietly because if it hears you, it will rear it's ugly head.

But the other day I busted out all my brushes and sat them in monomer for few.. and realized how much I love my 8 oval.. just love that thing. I am going to stick with it.
I can't tell you her name or whereabouts because then you would come and take her from me like Defax. But I can give you an idea of what she looks like ...She lives in an acetone ..She has this frizzy uneven hair texture that I like to trim but she insists that I yank her hair out instead of trim neatly (she likes it, i know it's weird)....She likes to go to the local jar and "pick up" these acrylic beads. Way too often in my opinion. Sometimes they just sort of leech on to her hair and won't let go. just as I threathen her with a hair trim again, she pleads with me to put her back in the acetone infested what's a mother to do? She's out of control!

And I am totally kidding....this is not my brush.....I would deny her like a bad habit......and I do not name my brush...unless swear words count!
I bought my Creative Pro Styler one week after I went to work. Still using it and still loving it. I doubt I could do nails with another. I might buy a new soon, but I will always keep my first (baby) brush! ;)

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So... Bob... (My brush) has just had a makeover (new head) a couple of months ago as someone (cough cough) shampooed him in Speedbond... the good news is that he is getting into nice shape now...Nice snap and all.

How often do you guys change your brushes?


What is the name of your brush?
Well now I am practicing my arcrylic stuff. my brush is called wait for it.................................................. :D
"Basil" Brush boom boom. Only the Uk crowd might know who I mean.
Lots of love and happy Valentines to all of you
Ruth xxx
I've had my brush for 2.5 years now.

Doesn't have a name but I want it to have a name now... might run a competition with my clients to 'name-the-brush'!!!
maybe i should give mine a name to,then it might listen when i tell it what to do :D
:rolleyes: :shock: I thought I was mad....but naming BRUSHES?!!!

How how typical of Ruthy!! LOL! ;) Nutter ;) Back to the therapist for u my dear!!

Changed my head on my brush last week to the Pro Sculptor which means I can pick up a much bigger bead, absolutely love it, had my last one approx 6 months before I changed it.

Have another new head and bought a couple of other brushes at the show as well.

Haven't got a name for her tho, perhaps I should.
It would have to be my Ultra scupltor. I just lurve the way I can get big boys :shock: : err I mean beads, yes beads :oops: and little beads. It also flattens beautifully for sealing my sidewalls, yeah babe :rolleyes:

As for a name..................nah!

As for changing, I was recommended to change it every 3-4 months....strangely enough I didn't take their advice at 30 odd pounds a time, I don't think so!!

I met someone at one of the shows the other month and we were discussing brushes. She said that she had forked out quite a bit of money on a brush.........£8.00...................hmmmm, I then told her how much my little beauty had cost!!! Wouldn't change it for the world though.

As for cleaning her (it has now become a she) she just lurves a shot of monomer.

Desperately dizzy, Dellie
no name but i think it's a male brush as sometimes it never does what it should do,,,,[not that ,that has anything to do with me.......]i have been doing nails for 12 month and have had 2 brushes i now feel as though i need to buy a new one and i'm going all out for the pro styler as every one keeps going on about it....... :D
My nail brush name is "psycho" :twisted: And that is exactly what it is. It a master series pro styler. I usually have great luck with them ,but this one not! Of course where I bought it has a new policy on returned brushes.hmmmm I wonder why. Some days its awesome and others its crazy-hairs falling out and gets almost bushy. :pukeon: I have a tammy taylor brush too, but it does not have a name. ;)
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