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Dec 4, 2003
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this may sound like a stupid question to all you experienced nail techs on here but i have a problem with tiny bubbles appearing in the l&p...(i use CND products)...when i press my brush into the liquid,tiny bubbles rush out and sometimes appear in the finished nails which is obviously quite unattractive and makes me kind of embarressed :| is it that im not letting it settle before working with the acrylic?as i say it doesnt happen all the time,hardly ever really,but as its pretty unsightly i want to know how to stop doing this!
any feedback would be great!thanks so much

heli x
Hey Heli, do they appear as you are working or do you only notice them during finishing?
Make sure you 'wet out' your brush thouroughly and get rid of all those tiny bubbles that rush out, before you pick up your first bead of powder and ...

YES you are right, let the bead settle for a moment before you start to press it out. These 2 things should solve any bubble problems if your mix ratio is correct. Not too dry and not too wet.

No patting ... just nice firm presses.
i see them as im working,so im thinking its an evil combo of a slightly too wet mix and not letting it settle,the thing about my brush,i always really make a point of getting rid of all the bubbles i can from the brush.....one more thing,FILL LINES..how to rid?
I did a long post concerning fill lines many moons again under 'chasing the line'. Search and have a look at it.
Also the Geeks tutorial on the subject of fills I'm sure covers it too.
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