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Dec 23, 2007
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Hi, my name is Kara & i'm a salon geek newbie. I'm also new to the nail industry & only been doing nails for a year. I was at the salon today & had the WORST experience ever!

So i had a client come in for a manicure. I performed the manicure as usual, instead of polish she wanted a french. She later changed her mind when she seen a polish another nail tech had (it was her own personal polish she brought in). I put the base coat, 2 layers of the Zoya polish, my topcoat & put her in the dryer. I cleaned up all my stuff while she was drying & was getting ready to leave. She was done drying at 3:30, which is when nail techs don't take anymore clients because the shop closes at 4. When i had everything put away she said "What about my french?" She wanted a french over her purple polish!! :mad: I pulled all my stuff back out & did the french. I waited with her while she dried. It was then 4. She pulled her hands out of the dryer & every single 1 of her nails had bubbles!:eek: Not on the white just on the purple!! I asked if she wanted the mani for free or wanted a repolish & she wanted it to redone. I ended up doing a plain french by then the nail tech with the polish had left. So i ended up leaving at 4:45...just me & the owner! I was so embarrassed!!! What was up with the bubbles?? They were smooth..she was the first person to use the polish..it was new & right out of the box! Any ideas on what caused it??
If the bottle of enamel had been shaken that would explain the bubbles... it's best to roll the bottle between your hands before using.

I would personally recommend a quick dry top coat and a speed spray (ie Creative Solar Spray) instead of a nail dryer, the nails dry much faster and are conditioned at the same time :D


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