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Aug 7, 2003
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sudbury suffolk
Can anyone please please tell me where i can find out how to do the burberry nail art.


Well Hun,

When it first came back into fashion everybody wanted it lol ...........
So here is what we did..........
All our nail art is handpainted..........
So we got the finest art brushes, the V-rush pens and the right colours and just copied it, scale it down to size.....Used a magazine picture to get the colours spot on...........

If you are airbrushing , you just need a stencil with straight thin lines, and work the stipes in colour order, if that makes sense...........

Like all things in nail art, play till it looks right..............
love Ruth xxxxxx
hi, i hand paint my burberry art on. i paint nail beige, paint three black stripes down the nail (to the centre and one side) paint three lines - black across the top of the nail and infill the squares with white.
paint red across the bottom, 1 stripe and one stripe down
if you send me your email address i'll send you a picture.
Thanx for the advice to you both my email is [email protected] it will be interesting to see how this is done

Thank you

Cazza :D
My Burberry nail can be found on this page of my site: http://kookynails.tripod.com/kooky-nails/id11.html

What I did, was paint on a nice gold colour, then taking a thin bruch, I painted with nail varnish, 2 red lines across, and [ainted the space in between with a milky white colour. Then I painted 2 black lines down the nail, to the left side. In the 'square' caused where the lines all overlap, I usualy place in a rhinestone, just for instant glamour!!!

I also use pink tones for the Burberry..just makes a nice difference!!

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