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Feb 6, 2003
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Aveley, Essex
Here is a pic of a Burberry nail that someone asked me to airbrush at Olympia. It's a bit wonky as her nails weren't the best and I only had 5 mins to do it before the power went off!!!


Yay, my picture worked. Thanks Mr Geek!!!!
I edited your first message to make the pic work... Now its sorted...
Just as an fyi: try not to use bitmpa images... use jpegs... usually, you can take the picture and choose 'save as' from the file menu of your image editing program... when it asks you what to save it as... change the file type to jpeg... that was it will work on more machines and be much smaller for the internet.
cool! was it difficult and did it take you long airbrushing it....here's my freehand version that i currently have on my nails
no pic on my screen :shock: would love to have a look
Dawnie xxxxxxxxxx
Nope, no piccie here either Jen, I ould love to see them too..........
love Ruth
I can't see it either but in reply to your question about how long did it take me, well, it took about 5 mins what with changing all the colours but if I was doing a full set I don't think it would take that long as you sort of get into a rhythm.

Do you do airbrushing?
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