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Apr 18, 2003
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Hi all :)

I have a client that has had a set on for about a month now, and she was due to come on thursday morning for her infill, well she didnt show so i figured she didnt want to keep them, anyway she bursts in at 3.30pm that day telling me that her nail beds are burning and she had been trying to rip the nails off because they were burning her so much.

She had picked off most of the nails or pryed them off im not quite sure, and she still had some acrylic left on some of her nail beds. As i dont have much room in my little space i couldnt do much about it that day as she had missed her appointment and i was booked full that day and friday and saturday. I advised her that if she wanted to soak the remaining acrylic off she could do so with some acetone and put a little scented oil in it as well , ( I know wrong thing to do, but i was a little miffed at her attitude , she was being quite loud and a bit rude) Just reading the other post about soaking off made me feel a little guilty doing that .

Well the next morning she comes in and said that it got some of it off, and she said she wanted me to take the rest of , so i have booked her in tuesday morning , im coming in early to do it for her. There really isnt that much left to take off, maybe a bit on about 4 fingers.

I did tell her that ripping them off didnt do her any favours and that she should have come for her appointment and i would have just taken them off. I always advise my new clients, specially the younger ones that if they dont want them or cant afford to keep them up to get them soaked off as this is the only way that wont cause damage to there nails and i had advised her of this on her first appointment.

She is a young mum of about 3 or 4 i think and i sort of suspect that she wanted them off because she couldnt afford to keep them up, and im fine with that :) but she is acting as if this is all my fault, and i was so miffed at her bursting in and interupting me while i was with a client, she didnt even wait till i looked up lol

What i dont understand why after a month her nail beds would start to burn? I have never come across this before, if it was an allergic reaction to the acrylic wouldnt it have happened sooner? she had already had one infill and never complained about it happening 2 weeks ago.

Or is this client just trying to pull one over me?

I used Rentention + and perfect pink and perfect white powders on her, and prepped with cuticle remover and scrubfresh.

Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated

Kerrie :)
Hi there Kerrie my love! I still owe you a message - haven't forgotten - but here goes for this one.

If the client was allergic, then she would be showing signs of it on her skin. There is no reason that I am aware of, that her nails would be burning!!! :rolleyes:

It is true with acid primer users that there have been instances where the technician has used so many coats on say a thin nail that the primer has reptated through what was left of the nail plate and caused a burning sensation in the nail bed beneath BUT you do not use acid primer, you use Retention+ so this would not happen.

I think she has heard stories, and is using this to save 'face' to maybe get her soak off done for free!! I really don't believe that she is in any pain or that she has been in any pain from having Retention+ enhancements.

I would remove and manicure and be firm in what you say to her.
Well 9am came and went this morning and she didnt show up, so i guess it cant be that bad lol

I think she just wanted them off and was looking as you said geeg for a free soak off, but i wasnt going to do it for free and told her so lol so i guess the thought of paying a measly $10AUS was just too much for her.

oh well another experience for me to learn from :)

Kerrie :)
don't you just love'em Kerrie.......... they make such a big fuss and then don't show for a proper treatment.......... makes ya laugh!!! :D
Always include on your client record card that they sign, an agreement that if they no longer wish to wear enhancements (for whatever reason) that the client agrees to have her enhancements professionally removed.

If they later have complaints because they did not do this, then you have the signed agreement ... very important.
I can send a copy of my client record card if you want.
That would be great geeg, i would really appreciate a copy of that and i might print it off and clip it to my existing client cards, especially now formal season is coming up and lots of teenagers getting sets and im sure alot of them arnt going to be keeping them on.

Kerrie :)
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