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Oct 29, 2003
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Poole, Dorset
Hey all, I am just bursting with excitment have to tell someone.
Things have been so so slow on the business front :rolleyes: in fact so slow and boring that i only seem to have less than a handfull of clients, mind you have not advertised really since slowly setting up so what can one expect.

Anyway over the past week I have left a few little offer cards with 20% off first set of nail enhancements, here and there, well in two places actually, I am so not one to try to hard hey lol. Well today whilst taking my son to his swimming lessons, watchin him splash about my phone rang...................

It was the local wedding organiser center, oh yes wanting to know if I would like them to promote my business add me to there web site and recommend me in there directory and all there new brides etc. I can go in there mag and they will send me a list of who is getting married each month, can you believe this :) They are coming tommorow afternoon to have a chat and go through everything.

So in one hand I am jumping for joy all excited but the other I am so so .......ing myself, worrying about the what if's. I need to be creative trained like yesturday now and oh my god panic, panic, panic, I supose its just having a bit of confidence hey, seem to be slacking on that at the moment. Oh word what am I going to do practice practice practice.

Ok I am of to go make sure I know what I am doing. I am fully qualified Beauty therapist but not sure whether i am interested in doing all that side of things aswell or whether I want to just stick to the nail side of things the part i enjoy the most. I am at present just set up to do nails waxing and nail art, well and also have the tanning airbrush but I am not as confident in that.

Think i am worried because a wedding is a big thing for a lady and I do not want to mess it up. Ok help girls and gals give us some tips please.

Thanks for listening
Grace x
hi grace

It sounds like a good bit of advertising, work out the costs before you agree though because it wont be free. Wedding fares are a good way of getting your name about, but the clients you get are mostly one off's. You could maybe offer makeup to on the day thats quite cheep to do and you can charge quite a bit, we do 2 sessions one is a practice and one on the day.
Dont be worried, i am sure you will do a fantastic job, good luck keep us posted.
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