Busiest times of the year and popular treatments?


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Sep 14, 2006
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Hi, just doing my business plan for the princes trust and was wondering if any of you wonderfull peeps could help me out with a bit of market research...

These questions only really apply to nail techs....

Im trying to find out which months of the year seems to be the busiest and what treatments are the most popular?
With regards to the treatments, do you find that some months certain treatments tend to get more bookings (for example; do you find that january is popular for manicures but feb tends to be more for pedicures..?)

Do you offer additonal treatments such as p.wax, warm oil or thermal mitts? If so, do you offer 1 of these or more, if more then which one is more popular?

The things im trying to research these q's on are:

file and polish
full manicure
mini manicure (if offered)
luxury manicure (with treatments such as p.wax)
full pedicure
mini pedicure (if offered)
luxury pedicure
french polish

p.wax, warm oil, thermal mitts on their own (without mani / ped)
nail art
pamper evenings (if offered)
childrens manicure parties (if offered)

Im not doing nail extensions yet, but would love to hear about what systems are most popular etc if you dont mind as this will come in handy for when i complete my course and choose which system to offer....

Many thanks in advance.....

I have only been trading since april so wont be much help but so far i have noticed that between the beginning of june to mid september was mostly pedicures and the sun bed that brought in most of my clients,
june to now has been good for manicures.

you need to think about the seasons
summer, weddings, holidays, feel good factor, summer can be really busy
october has been quiet for most of us
nov/dec, means lots of office parties and family gatherings so people want to look their best, hth a little
i find pedicures are most popular in june to sept along with acrylic nails and waxing and manicures are more a winter thing, also along with acrylic nails.

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