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Sep 21, 2013
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chilmark wiltshire
Hello there ladies and gents

I'm in the process of starting up a new business and i'm just wanting to insure i have all the correct information before i start making arrangements in my salon.

obviously i know i will need to hire an accountant as my understanding of the tax system does not go far. as well as registering with babtac and getting reliable products.

what else is there for me to cover i've made some lovely business cards to put out in the local area but just need some friendly help on things i may have missed.

Thanks in advance

Mary x:hug:

What sort of business are you opening?

Have you decided on your working hours, will you have staff?

Have you thought about your target market? Made a website, done a price list, had leaflets printed, thought about advertising, set up a facebook business page (great way of FREE advertising!) Ordered uniform, thought about opening offers.

Holistikat x
PS, you don't have to hire an accountant, I do my own accounts and its not that difficult although iv only a small business as a mobile therapist. I just record all incomings (so payments from clients) expenses (supplies and mileage at 45p per mile) and make sure I keep all my receipts.

Im sure its more complicated if you have a salon and staff etc but im sure some geeks on here do it and might be able to help you x
hi there,

i have been running my own business for 7 years now, this is a list of the basics you probably will need.(if i can remember them all!)
Insurance - building/staff/public liability
PRS/PPL licence just to play the radio is around £200 i think
Gas/elec/water/council tax/phone
Waste removal - bin bags or bin hire, waste removal certificate
appointmen cards
price lists
laundry costs
tea/coffee etc
accountancy fees - are you sole trader or limited
chip and pin machine
PAT testing
alarm/fire maintance

brain going dead now so there is probably more costs involved but cant think of them now!
hope it helps x x

you may need to apply to the local council for a special treatments license, if so it's top priority as you cannot perform certain treatments without it and it can take a while.

Best of luck with your new venture!


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