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Trainer nail tech & loving it!
Jul 8, 2012
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Hello, I would really appreciate son nail techs opinions on this subject so I'm almost coming to the end of my course at college & then i will be a qualified Nail Technician!! yippee!! This will be a massive achievement to me as there have been so many times I have almost given up trying to juggle my course, assignments , along with my 3 children but I've stuck at it!! Anyway I'm really excited about qualifying and I've been thinking about what I will call myself??!! What do you call yourself & why? I would like it to be my Name .... For example
Demelzas Nails but I know my name is unusual and maybe a bit hard for people to pronounce?? Is there any reason you wouldn't put your own name in your business name? Xxx
I would shy away from that unless there's a built reputation around your name so it would attract people to come to you.
On the other hand, you can start building reputation for it should you use your name.
It's all about quality and customer service.

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