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Apr 8, 2011
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hello everyone,

I am quite new to EE and have done about 15 sets so far. I mainly use J curls to apply but to my opinion, C curls lashes give a much better looking so i have tried on 2 people and they did not stay at all. I knew there is nothing wrong with the C curls , just me not good enough :sad:. My clients were so pleased with the C curls looking then all came back within 2 ,3 days to complain and prefer to get back to J curls as they normally last 2,3 weeks. Could you guys give me some advices, what is the best way to apply C curls please please please :sad:
Try moving to b curl until you better your technique a c curl has less adhesion area so needs to be secured correctly to last
The C-Curl is a stronger curl than the J and B, however you need to make sure that your clients can actually carry the curl. Unfortunately its not all about looks, as many would love ultra long, thick and curly lashes but if the natural lash is short and stubby you are very restricted with what you can use in order to achieve a good bond between lash and extension.

In some cases when the client is insistent you can put a stronger curl on if you make them aware that the bond is not going to last as long and that they are more likely to lose the extension earlier.

Have a close look at your clients natural lash in length, thickness and curl and then advise her what you would recommend and see if you can find a way of making her happy without compromising quality and your reputation!
Huns the best thing I would advise is practise, practise, practise that is the only way, use friends and family you'll find most are more than happy to help out. Perhaps charge them to cover the cost of your materials.

I use C & D curls and my clients love the look.

Good Luck

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