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Mar 16, 2004
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Hi Guys, i have just completed my calgel coversion course and really love the final look, however it is sooo expensive to buy the gel anyway we were obviously taught to use the snow white gel for the smile line but still cannot get on with smile lines with gel i know i should keep practicing is it still ok to use the mtw with calgel, i know its been said to use with all systems but just want clarification that it is ok to use the mtw? thanks peeps

Just a quick tip on creating perfect smile lines:
apply white to free edge as well as you can. wipe your brush and shape smile line from the cuticle end with the brush, removing any excess white.
Sometimes I apply a two thin coats in the same way rather than one thicker application.
does that make sense?
Once I started using this technique I found things much easier.
Hope this helps

Have you tried applying your white gel with a dotting tool?? Its really good for doing shortish nails and you only have to tidy slightly. Personally i find that MTW isnt flexible enough under biosculpture, and calgel is quite similar, and it chips off the ends. Persevere with your white gel you will get there honest.
I have just learnt to use the Calgel nail art brush to apply the white gel which is great as it goes on much thicker and where you want it. When you have placed the gel into its smile line then dip the brush into calguard and use it to do any tidying up needed.

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