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Jan 17, 2008
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Just thought i'd share something with you all that we've tried at our salon in the last few months or so.

We're based in a town with lots and lots of service industry type companies and call centres.

Lots of these companies run sales incentives and just general morale boosting competitions and are looking for prizes, and the majority of the workers are female (thats not too sexist I hope..its a fact! :))

Anyway- we approached a few of these companies and offered up vouchers as prizes for salesperson of the week or whatever they run- in return for posters put up (that were designed by me of course) around the place and a mild promotion of our business.

It just struck me as a way of promoting ourselves to literally hundreds of people for the sake of a few vouchers.....and its working. :)

Anyone done anything similar?
i love that you got in that you design in that helpful post! haha :D

i think your idea sounds like a good one! there are so many fab ideas like this on here :D i think there should be a sticky made that only admins can post on so that when another idea comes up they can just up date it. there are so many posts wanting advertising ideas, it'd be great to have them all together! :D
that sounds like a fab idea, theres loads of call centres near me as well................think i better pay them a visit!

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