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Jul 18, 2010
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Hi All,
Just joined the site today. I'm very new to all this. I qualified as a beauty specialist this year and have been practising with family and friends. The other week I did a big party of 6 of my friends and had a price list put together. It worked out really well so I now am serious about starting my own mobile business. I don't have a premesis so the mobile business would suit me.

My question is about waxing. You know the way clients are supposed to have a patch test done? With a mobile business wouldn't you have to go to them at least 24 hours before the arranged appointment and set up your wax pot and do a test? You're not insured otherwise if anything goes wrong. So do you charge a bit extra for having gone to them or could I get them to come to me? If there was a big party they would all have to have a test done so I don't really know how it's normally done.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks a million!
Just setting this up so that I get a reply notification.
Hi, I work as a mobile therapist, I do a patch test on my clients 24hrs before for tinting, I do not charge them any extra and usually arrange a time when I might be travelling near, I do not do a patch test for waxing, and my insurance covers me. I don't think many salons make their clients do a waxing patch test, although I might be wrong.

I have a smaller wax pot and heat it up in the morning before leaving for my first client, I try to book my waxing clients all on one day so the pot remains hot, and you get good at transporting it without any spillages.

Good luck with your new venture! Mobile is not for everyone, but I LOVE it!! :)
Hi, I have never patch tested for waxing, and to be honest never heard of anyone doing it for waxing. Tinting etc yes but not waxing. I do both mobile and Salon services. You will get very good at transporting your stuff and sorting out your clients. Becareful not to cram everything in though or you will be all work and no play!! LOL coming from a workaholic!!! Good luck.
Hi girls,
Thanks a million for your replies! I really appreciate it. Interesting about not doing a patch test for waxing! We were always told when training that you must have one done. I'll check it out with the insurance co. when I get started. Very handy if you don't have to have it. I forgot about doing a test for the eyelash/eyebrow tinting. We didn't go over this when I was training. :eek: I feel a bit ignorant asking this question but how do you even do a test for tinting? Do you make up the tint and the peroxide and put some on the client's wrist? We never did it in college! We were only ever told about wax patch testing.

Thank again for your help!
When I was doing my waxing training, I was told to do a patch test too but only for clients who haven't ever been waxed. The test is to get them used to the feeling of being waxed. Could this be what your college meant?

For the tinting patch test, you mix up a little bit of tint and peroxide then apply it behind the clients ear or on the inside of their elbow. Leave it 24-48 hours to check there is no reaction.

HTH :)
When I was doing my waxing training, I was told to do a patch test too but only for clients who haven't ever been waxed. The test is to get them used to the feeling of being waxed. Could this be what your college meant?

No, we were told that in your business you must do a wax test on every new client that comes in. Maybe it's different in Dublin? Whenever I've gone to a new beauticians that I haven't gone to before they make me do a patch test and tell me to come in the next day. I could be wrong but I'm 99% sure you must do a test. I'll enquire more about it though. I definitely do remember being made do a test 24 hours beforehand. My aunt was also telling me how annoyed she was one time when she went into her local beauticians and really wanted an eyebrow wax there and then and the girl wouldn't do it for her because she hadn't done a test. She never went back again because of the girl's strictness!

Thanks for the info on how to do the tint test! :)
The only time i have ever done patch tests for wax is if the client has sensitive skin, i use a cream wax and find this is really suitable not had any issues with any clients and been doing it almost 10yrs.

The only thing i patch test for is tints and false lash adhesive, usually someone enquires about it at a pamper party so do it there and then, if not i fit them in when i am travelling near their address!

One tip for mobile is have storage boxes for each separate treatment such as mani/pedi, wax, tints etc then they are easier to grab and go rather then putting lots in one big box!!
Great tips there thanks ktoso888. You're right about the creme wax. I use a tea tree creme wax and people are always commenting on how gentle it is in comparison.

Thanks again. :)
Same here I use cyclax aloe and tea tree and have tried the vitamen e, clients love them!'

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