Can anyone do a kids pamper party in Leicester?


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Tammy BTN

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Dec 1, 2004
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Hiya, A friend of mine would like a pamper party for her daughters 13th birthday.
Not really my bag so i thought i'd offer the job on here!

She lives in Wigston, Leicester and would like it on Saturday 3rd november.
There are about 8 girls going the party.

Just need a tech and a price please!
Feel free to pm me and i'll pass on the details

Angie and Amber have done parties before (I think lol, otherwise it could have been a wedding party, can't quite remember), might be worth dropping them a pm.
ooh, fab thanks Sandi!
sorry chick....firstly...i hate kids pamper parties...:lol: but would have done it if it helped you out, but secondly i have a wedding to go to on that day....sorry.
sorry chick....firstly...i hate kids pamper parties...:lol:
ahh, so it must have been a wedding that you and Amb did :lol:
I could do it, I am in Barrow On Soar,Loughborough but its a bit of a treck for me. Will do it to help you out but will need to charge for travel etc. I normally charge £8.00 per head, min of 5 girls and Birthday girl gets a goodie bag.
Thanks eveyrone! don't worry - it's not to help me out - i won't be there!
Hell is a room full of kids!!!! :eek:

She asked me if i did them and i said ummmmm no, but didn't know if anyone else on here wanted the booking.

I'll tell her to try yellow pages. :green:

ahh, so it must have been a wedding that you and Amb did :lol:

no you was right babe...she has roped me into kids parties even though she knows i hate them...:lol: like putty in her hands i am.

We have done weddings too and i like those..:green:

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