Can anyone help? training


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Hi there, I am a nail technician and want to do a hairdressing course at Nicky oliver manchester.
they are offering a 4-5 month course for £10,000 to become a stylist nvq level2. I was wondering if anyone has done this course or if it would be a good course to take, would I be able to get work as an nvq 2 stylist? bearing in mind I am older (42)
any help out there would be greatly appreciated...


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i did my level 2 straight from school and it took 2 yrs, i then went on to my level 3 but jacked it in part way through :confused:
i worked for a few yrs after qualifying , then had my son , went to nails and beauty and now am offering hair again too :lol:
10k sounds a hell of a lot of money hun ! , why not go to college full time ? i think now you can do it in a yr :green: (dont qoute me though )
and i bet it will only cost you maybe £2-3k (maybe less )
i would phone round your local colleges hun , but at the end of the day its up to you :hug:


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I have not heard of them but Saks do one for 7k to nvq 2 in 6 months


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thanks a lot for your comments, I will be sure to do my research