Can anyone reccomend a good hot wax brand?


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Sep 3, 2007
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I currently use Lycon hot wax for my salon but I have been really dissapointed with their customer service and distribution of late. Can anyone reccomend another good brand? Has to be extremely high quality as we use A LOT of it!

Be interested to hear what others are using.
Hi Pamela,

I'm a big fan of Perron Rigot non-strip waxes.

They come in five different "flavours": creamy-textured without fragrance, honey-textured without fragrance, creamy-textured with rose perfume, honey-textured with marine fragrance (for men), and a gel-textured rosin-free formulation for sensitive skins.

What makes them unique is that they work at a very low temperature (just above body temp) and contain elastomers, so they stay flexible as they cool rather than becoming brittle. Similar to Lycon, you only need to apply the wax in one direction, and the strips go on much thinner than traditional hot waxes.

I use Perron Rigot in my salon and training courses, and if you do a search on here you'll find that other Geeks are fans too. Lycon is indeed an excellent line, and Reference peelable waxes, Hive Brazilian waxes and Depileve film waxes are also wonderful products.

Perron Rigot's website is and the UK distributor is Thalgo (020 7512 0872). If you give them a buzz, they will often send out a free sample of one of the hard waxes for you to try.

Hope that helps :)

Andy x
Thanks for this. Cant believe I've never heard of them! Just been on the phone to get some further info.

Thanks again.

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