can i be allergic to shaving


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Nov 5, 2006
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I use to shave all the time till about 2 years ago i kept getting really itchy and a bad rash. I changed my razor, soap and shaving gel but still the same. I went to get waxed ( brazillian ) about 4 months ago and i had a little rash but went after 2 days and no itchyness or horrible rash at all so im gonna get my legs and another brazillian again so if somone could recomened a good salon in cheshire near crewe or northwich please
Why not go back to the one that did your first wax for you ???
because it took two of them to wax me as i think that they wernt confident enough to do it on her own i felt embarrsed that it takes two of them to do it
Oh god thats awful.

If you lived near me I would do it for you.

They probably had another client coming in and did not book enough time to do your waxing, but they should have explained that to you at the time.

I would give them another chance, and if they do it again ask why its taking two of them. It could be one of them was being supervised as she was a student.

We have loads of fantastic waxers on this site,
if i was you hun i would do a new thread titled looking for brazilian waxer in cheshire.
It is appalling that there was two of them, it is called intimate waxing for a reason and should be done discreetly :hug:

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