Can I heat wax cartridges inside my wax pot?


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Nov 2, 2013
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Hey there folks!

I did a search to see if anyone else has asked a similar question but it was to no avail, so I hope it's okay to ask here :) I'm brand new to the forum.

I'm a 25yr old beauty therapy student in Australia and due to graduate in a couple of months time.

I purchased a starter kit for wax cartridges at the supply store the other day (Lycon is the brand if that matters) in hope that I could make waxing MYSELF a bit easier, but the kit didn't come with a cartridge heater and it turns out that the microwave just doesn't cut it and so my question overall is:

Can I take the pot out of my 1lt wax heater and put my cartridges in there to heat? Is this safe or is it going to result in some horrific tragedy?

Appreciate your professional advice so very much :)
No definitely not , it just would not work. The cartridges need to have an even distribution of heat applied directly to the cartridge which a heater designed for that purpose will offer.
If you intend to use roller cartridges then you need to get yourself a suitable heater.

Microwaving these cartridges could result in a nasty burn as you have no way of stirring the wax the way you do if you heated a pot if wax and you could end up with hot spots.

I think you know the answer to your question already :)

You’ll be using equipment in a way that it was not designed for and that’s never a good idea. I doubt you’ll be able to get a consistent heat and may end up burning yourself or just getting into a mess. Buy a cartridge heater as they are not at all expensive. If you’re just using it on yourself then a cheapo eBay one will do.
Dang! Well it was worth an ask. thanks so much for the advice. I'm waiting to hear from an eBay seller in China about whether they have some heaters with Australian plugs. Fingers crossed!
I would be inclined to avoid Chinese goods as their safety is questionable. Are there no Australian sellers (that meet Australian safety standards)? In the UK Veet even sell one I think.
You can get wax cartridge system (heater/hand unit) at wholesalers and they are really reasonably priced (I can't give the $ on here). Have a look at the Hi Lift ones, I have two of them one for the cartridge I am using and one with a new cartridge in it ready to go. If you buy from a wholesaler you are buying an item that meets the Australian Safety Standards and you will have a warranty with it - this is not the case when buying from China.
We all do stupid things at home on ourselves... Common now we all can admit doing something!!!

Mine was taking home a wax cartridge to wax my legs! Yeah it will heat up really easy in the microwave .... I thought!

I put it in a little pot to keep it upright anddddd the whole thing melted! The actual plastic cartridge melted, wax everywhere luckily I had it in a pot

So the quick answer is ... You need the heater :)

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