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Jul 1, 2015
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Hiya does anyone have any tips on how to get shellac/gel off from inside the lamp? I have the LED CND lamp and so many clients knock their nails on the side and as they don't tell me it cures on the edges?
just can't get it off its so annoying haha xx


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I think the LED is acetone safe, check before you do it though
Gently knock/scrape it off with your cuticle pusher. I have to do mine at least twice a week lol
Wipe off spots with acetone on a cotton bud
Works for me!
I also make clients practice the in and out procedure before I start applying the gel.
It's hilarious isn't it .... How big does the flipping hole need to be??! :)
It's hilarious isn't it .... How big does the flipping hole need to be??! :)

Even with the massive space in the CND UV with the finger tray out... They still need to hit nails off the bulbs [emoji19]
Thanks everyone I'll give it a go tomorrow...I know I wish they'd tell me so I can wipe it off before it cures! So annoying [emoji23][emoji85]
I even found some on the BOTTOM of the uv compartment - how does that happen lol?
I don't get how there is none missing when they pull their hand back out..I never notice any shellac been scraped off [emoji23]

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