Can items be returned to Creative?


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May 12, 2003
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I bought a Barbicide Jar and some Barbicide solution. But having read the posts on here it seems that Chlorispray is a much better idea, and I already have that.

So would it be possible to return these items? They are still in the boxes and are brand new. I have the reciepts still because I literally just bought them the other day.

If I could return them then I can use the money to get other things for the Salon. :D
I`ve not dealt with Creative before (my training is getting nearer every day, its only next Tuesday and can`t wait) but I can`t see a problem with returning something that hasn`t been used. Especially as something better has been recommended, let us know how you get on
Hiya... Dont see why that would be a problem at all.

You're a Super Star Mr Geek! :flower:

Debbie, what training are you doing? Are you taking the four day foundation course? Where are you doing it? Mine was brilliant, well worth the cash even if its harsh on the purse strings you know that you are getting quality. Good Luck! :)
I`m going to Loughton next Tuesday Beautiful, I`m really excited about it but also very nervous as I`m not good in test situations cos I just go blank. I`d hate to pay out all that money and not pass.
I could have just done the conversion course but I fancied pushing the boat out (and it has been pushed as far as it will go) and doing it all again, after all it can`t hurt to brush up can it?
I did have a panic on today though, I got a letter from them with a list of things `required` for the course. Thet told me I didn`t need anything else and to not worry, but why send it?
I can`t possibly spend any more money yet
Hi Debbie,

As you already have been doing nails, the list sent to you probably doesn't apply and it will be an automatic letter sent to all students.

Most students ultimately do require a few extras for after the course as the kit does not contain absolutely everything a budding nail technician needs to carry out her work ... for example ... metal tools like nippers, clippers, cuticle pusher etc. Although we do have them in the class room for them to use, the list in the letter is just a suggestion of things they will need to add to their own kit before the end of the course.

As to the assessment!! Please do not stress about this. Everything you need to know to pass it will be covered and if by some chance you did not pass ... we will go out of our way to make sure you ultimately DO. There are no trick questions and most of the test is geared towards working with the products to guarantee that you understand how to work in a safe environment for you, your clients.

Worrying is counter productive and only decreases your performance. Have FUN and enjoy your class and do not stress. FUN is a big part of Creative learning. ENJOY.
Thanks geeg, I know what you`re saying and I will enjoy myself, but on the last day I know I will go blank, a lot of tests are common sense and what you know already but I honestly don`t know how I manage to pass anything, I just crumble to a blithering idiot cos everything in my brain just seems to hide. Oral questions are the worst, they took me 3 attempts in beauty college and they couldn`t have been easier. I found the tutor had to keep asking the questions in different ways until she found an idiots way of asking them and then I could answer. I know I`m reasonably intelligent and if I had all the time in the world to sit a test paper I may be ok, oh well, as long as I can resit if I have to, I can live in hope
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