Can Someone Give Me 'An Idiots Guide On How To...'


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Aug 13, 2004
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create 'curls' with ghd's

I have tried loads of times (maybe im trying to hard!) to get this right

The hairdresser makes it look so EASY !


Amb x

Heres a guide how to use them, I also remember a video link being posted, I will see if I can find that too:

Hers a link to GHD's website with a video for curls, there is also a video for waves if you keep looking through their website:

ghd - a new religion for hair - official ghd site | United Kingdom - UK

Thanks for the speedie links ! off to take a peep:green:

amb xx
Thanks for the speedie links ! off to take a peep:green:

amb xx

No problemo, I have no idea if they are "idiot proof" :lol: but the GHD one works because I tried it!! :green:
We hairmessers make it easy looking because we have 360 degree access to your hair with two hands.
It is never easy doing it yourself when you can't get your hands in the same positions as we can. Trust me, it is hard for us hairmessers to do it also on ourselves.

its all in the wrist action. but yeah, LOOOOOADS easier to do on someone else. I look naff when i do em on myself
I tried to read the tutorial but its gone (although teh comments are still there) is it me or has something hapenned to it?
I saw an ad the other day for a Babyliss Hair Straightner / Curler.

It has curved plates on the outside, so making curls should be easier. Here's the link - Shop -- Beauty Nut

Having said that, I bought the Babyliss be-liss thinking I could just blow dry my hair straight like on the ad, but it didn't work at all :irked: :irked: Total waste of money.

Hi ive just recently learnt how to do this with mine ive had them for 2 yrs and i went on to youtube and typed in "ghd how to curl" and theres videos to show you how, its pretty easy when you know how.

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