Can spray tan machine & solution be bought separately?


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Sep 17, 2007
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Hi guys.

Just joined up to the site. Been reading through lots of posts but haven't yet found one that answers my question!

Can you use a spray tan machine but put a diff solution in it?
If so what is the best machine to buy which is powerful, can be used in salons and for mobile visits?

Look forward to hearing from you!

x x x
Yes you can.
I use the T100 which I bought from Celebrity Secrets with their solution as a package. The solution is lovely, but I also use other solutions which I buy elsewhere. This machine is perfect for mobile and the most Ive sprayed in one house has been 5 people but Ive let it cool down in between for a minute or two. Its not meant for continuous use so probably not good for the salon.
Thanks for your info.
Im looking into it!!
Hopefully i will be spray tanning asap!
x x x
I bought my t100 from the spray tan cubicle co. you can buy machinery and don't have to buy the solution

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