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Apr 28, 2003
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I have just taken off a set of overlays on a client because she has to go into hospital next week.
Once I soaked off, her nails had quite a lot of white marks on them and after a manicure there were still a few on them, this looked at first sort of soft and as I said most of it buffed off but I wonder if anyone knows what this is and could it be avoided?
Also she wanted her nails really short incase she is in hospital for any length of time and after taking them down I noticed on a couple of her nails the hyponychium had come forward in small places and was almost like another nail underneath which I think will catch on things.
Again, is this something that can be avoided and how do you deal with it?
How quickly can a post disappear down the page???????????
I`ve shoved this back up cos I know somewhere on this board can answer this for me
I noticed on a couple of her nails the hyponychium had come forward in small places and was almost like another nail underneath
Hi Debs

Just moving you back up a bit. I have a client (and a friend) who has this on most of her nails - her hyponychium actually grows more or less to a point (pointing away from her cuticle) on nearly every nail. She has always had this and I asked Jacqui in my conversion class (as my friend was my model) and Jacqui said it was not rare and she gave it a name (which I have since forgotten). My point (at last) is is this a new growth or are you sure she didn't have it before?
She never had this when I first put nails on her back in April last year, she didn`t have hardly any nails at all back then so I would have noticed. I put tips and overlay on her and now I`ve taken it off and taken her nails down a bit.
I have left a small free edge but couldnt take them back any more than i have cos of this, did you find out how to treat it?
No, I understood it was just something you had or didn't - I was not under the impression it was treatable, but then it doesn't sound like the two conditions are the same as your example has only recently happened. Let's hope some of the experts can shed some light on this. :?
Hi Debs
Did this client have tips ?

Dawnie xx
She did have tips back in April last year but since her nails have grown she just has them overlayed
OK Deb was just a thought that if tips where used maybe to much resin on the back of the tip which attched to the hyponychium which would make it come forward. ( if you know what I mean) lol I do

Just a thought

Dawnie xxxx
This happens to a few of my nails, i had natural overlays for about 7 months then when i wanted a change (clear tips) and i found i had the same problem, i've started to put solar oil under the free edge each day. I wonder if anyone know's why this happens and the proper way to deal with it.

hyponychium hardened,
This is sometimes called the Solehorn or Solehorn cuticle
As the natural nail grows , the hyponychium is usually kept in it's place, by daily activities........and only grows to the length of the nail and is there to give the nail some support from underneath .........

Now if you apply an extension, you lengthening the growth area and in some clients, specially ones with almond shaped nails, the effect of resin and the length of the nail enhancement can cause this little beggar to behave in a naughty manner................
It is a sensitive little fellow and if you try to push it back manualy, will cause pain to the clients.....
Now if this is the case you can train the little beggar to behave...........

Have your client use a soft natural bristle nail brush.....not nylon harsh.........apply some cuticle remover and just brush the underside of the nail at regular intervals....... it will soften the hardened tissue and it will shrink back to to oil under the nail afterwards and all will be well ..... it will take some time but it will be trainable...........
and go easy on the resin in future tip application..................

hope this helps
It is a fact that if a person is wearing their nails much longer for a protracted length of time, that the hyponychium will extend itself as a natural means of providing extra support for the length of the nail.
This is a normal way the body works and unless you just personally find it unsightly, then I would leave it alone to do its supporting work.

I have seen this many times over the years with clients and many natural nail clients also who wear their nails LONG. It is normal and not unusual at all.
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