Can you over cure OPI Gel Color?


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Aug 4, 2015
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Hi guys,

I am new to opi gel color and have had a problem with chipping in first few days of wear. I have been extra diligent on nail prep and shaking bottles for full 1 min and of course capping all nails with all layers.
I guess being new i am pretty slow so the only thing I can think that can be causing my problem is if I'm taking too long before the nails go in the lamp.
I have my mum in law coming over tonight and im wondering whether I can cure 2 nails at a time so im less likely in incur shrinkage problems.
Would this be okay with the hand going in the lamp so much? Can you cause problems if you over cure? Also do I do it for the full recommended 30secs time or do I do it for less as one hand will go in 3 times for one layer?
Or do I just do this on base and topcoat?
Any advice welcome, im trying not to feel too disheartened with it all :'-(
You can flash cure two nails at a time. Just put it under for a few seconds. It holds it enough so it stops shrinkage then cure the whole hand for the full time when you've painted them all.

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