Can you Scrubfresh OVER Minx ?


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Jan 16, 2011
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Hi Guys,

I've searched and also posted this question in the Minx lovers group but had to joy in finding out the answer, so thought I would post this is the main forum where there is a lot more traffic.

I know this is going to sound supid but can you use scrubfresh over the top of Minx or would it damage the Minx ?

I only ask because, I did Minx on top of L&P enhancments with Shellac base and top coat on top of the Minx on fingers and 6 days after application, the Minx started to lift at the eponychium not NOT the free edge, which was still stuck soild.

Now at the time, I remember thinking to myself that when I was applying the Minx, I would be putting oils from my own fingers onto the Minx and that it could effect the adsesion of the Shellac over the Minx. However I also thought there was a good chance that the scrubfresh would damage the Minx due to the acetone in it, so I did not scrubfresh after applying the Minx before applying the Shellac.

I'm 99.9 % sure the Minx was not touching the skin and I scrubfreshed the enhancements before I applie the Minx to make sure they where clear of any contaminates. The enhancements themseleves are still in perfect condition.

The know the lady uses her solar oil twice a day as is obvisous by the condition of her nails and skin at her fortnightly rebalance. The lady asked it if could be the solar oil that caused the lifting of the Minx but I said I do not think this would have caused Minx to lift unless I had not sealed the Minx properly (again I'm 99.9% sure I did)

Any thoughts ?

Sam xxx
I applied Minx lusions on a mate who returned to me a week later to cover her big toes in crystals (it was my first crystal pedicure).

So as she had been walking about with her Minx on for a week I had to scrubfresh them to ensure they were clean and ready to apply the crystals with gel.

The scrubfresh did not seem to do any damage to the Minx.

The crystal pedicure lasted 4 weeks before removal for a new set.

Here are pics of the crystal pedicure in Question:
The day of crystal aplication.

1 week old

2 and a half weeks old

4 weeks old

I apply a lot of Minx over L&P enhancements but never use Shellac basecoat??

I apply Shellac topcoat to seal on fingers and lightly wipe with scrubfresh first. Most usually last 2 weeks plus, I do my own and work with scrub fresh daily and never had problems..
I would try without the Shellac basecoat.

hth :)
Thanks ladys

Sam xxx

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