Can you use solar oil too often?


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One of my new year's resolutions was to look after my nails. I've got a bottle of solar oil by my bed, and those little tins of solar balm everywhere.

I put solar oil on at night, and solar balm on during the day, and I think I probably use my balm five or six times a day. Plus, I'm not stingy with it either - I really smother the nail. I've no doubt some of you wish you could sprinkle a bit of me over your clients that don't use it at all to get a decent average... Can you over use solar? Should I cut down?


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I don't "think" there's such a thing as too much?
It certainly can't hurt.

BUT I've had a thought...
If someone has oily/acne skin, sometimes using TOO much clarifying products will dry it out for a bit THEN the body goes "whoa, I don't have enough oil" so then it produces even MORE and ends up oilier than before, in defense of itself.
Or oily scalp... shampoo too much and the scalp produces even more oil.
You have to find that happy medium.

Now, I wonder.. (as far as the skin goes, not the nails) if hands are over-oiled, would the body go "whoa, I have too much" and start producing less in that part of the body?

I don't "think" it's the same because the body wouldn't be trying to defend itself. And adding natural oils can't be compared to 'stripping' them, I don't "think" anyway?

ON THE OTHER HAND.. I apply oil to clients at the end of every service, and so there's some on my hands. BUT I also use dehydrating products during services too (which also gets on my hands) and sani-gel and such.... washing hands probably more frequently than my clients (also because I have kids).

So, maybe I DO need it more than clients do?

AND in winter, we need more because of the drying effects of oil/electric heating and the chapping cold.

I guess in the end, I "think" that no, there can't be too much of a good thing, in this case?

Just some thoughts LOL


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Thanks Victoria, lots for me to think about here!