Cancer charity event west yorkshire ?


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Jan 10, 2007
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Does anyone know of any charity events comming up in the near future i would like to give my time and support
Not heard of any,
but i am in the same area as you if you fancy organising something and i will come along and give you hand by doing some different treatments to what you already do,
see if we can raise some money for charity and get both our names out and about,
pm me if you are interested :hug:
Hi, we are organising a charity bash in Farsley in August 2008. We held one in november 2007 and raised £2600 for Yorkshire Cancer Centre, Yorkshire Cancer Research and Macmillan Cancer Support. If you like live music then this will be a good one for you. This is only the second one we'll have done so we are still building this up, i.e. with different fundraising ideas, charity wax off, charity nail-a-thon etc etc.
Your support would be greatly appreciated, please keep an eye out in local press and will keep you informed via this website.
Thanks again
Kat x
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Hi I would love to help out,

My dad has lung cancer and we have had (and still are getting) fantastic support from Macmillan, and other people, as he has had and he is also taking a drug which costs in the region of £30K to supply four weeks supply. (He's SO lucky to get this some regions won't give it)

Cancer treatments cost so much and I am sure a money raising activity would help - more so for the support agencies.

I don't know how long my dad has left in his life, and I'd love to help out by offering my time to support this worthy cause.
Clic Sargeant (Cancer and Leukaemia In Children) are also always looking for people to help out with fund raising and are great at providing fund raising packs and support to you.

Our baby daughter has just fought a rare childhood cancer with the help of Great Ormond Street, and Clic Sargeant have been wonderful to us. Thankfully our daughter is winning her battle, but sadly I've seen too many babies and toddlers that didn't make it.......

Cancer isn't fair to anyone, but watching it take the life of one so young.....well, its more than heartbreaking, thats all I can say.

Our local community is helping us with several fund raising events for Great Ormond Street too.

Well done for wanting to help at have a big heart xx

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