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Sep 20, 2007
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Has anyone used candles for massage? I've just seen a lovely clip on u tube for one but its not sold in this country.

I've looked on *bay and they only seem to be sold as sex toys :rolleyes:.

I like the idea of it as a special treatment.
We did an offer on this once, Matis (our skincare brand) had some limited edition massage candles, they were chocolate, vanilla, green tea 'flavoured'. We used the candles to do the massage then gave them the candle to take home with them.

It went down a storm. Not sure where else you could get them though. I thought i heard ellisons sold something similar? I might be wrong though.

I have a feeling that Eve Taylor offer massage candles.
I believe Perron Rigot have also introduced a range of Massage Candles.

I use candles in massage sometimes, they are absolutely gorgeous.

Get mine from Eve Taylor, they sell a larger size which I use in the salon but they also sell packs of 3 smaller ones which you can either retail to clients or I give the client as option when they book in for massage of paying £5 on top to be massaged with the candle oil of their choice and then taking the remainder (which is a fair bit) home with them.

They have gone down really well even in summer so I am expecting great things going into the winter months.

I also use the candles when doing a hand or foot massage during a facial when the mask is on, clients love it


thanks guys.
I've just been talking to my skin/body care company - Gerard's and they do a treatment, so looks like I'll be learning this this Thursday!!!

Am looking forward to it.

they offer the Element range, so looking at Fire, Earth, Water and Air.

(thankfully you can't see me as I'm jumping around with excitment!!!).:lol:
thats me booked in for training on thursday!

we used natural magic candles at the salon i used to work in and they wer lovely x x

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